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Paddling Among Porpoises, Out Bound Travel Sept. 2000

September, 2000

By Tan Chung Lee - OutBound Travel Magazine September 2000 A pristine wilderness of cactus gardens, fossilized islands and a marine environment where whale, dolphins and sea birds call home - that's the Sea of Cortez. The best way to explore all this is to get close to the water - by kayaking- and enjoying good old-fashioned exercise to boot.

Go Sea Kayaking in Style, Westcoast Backpackers News Sept. 2000

September, 2000

By Lucas Aykroyd - Special to Westcoast Backpackers News September 2000 Sea Kayak Adventures has recently begun offering six-day tours of Queen Charlotte Strait, the lesser-known neighbor of Johnstone Strait, which features the world's highest concentration of killer whales. It's a chance to experience the British Columbia wilds without other groups of affluent tourist waving to you and local fishing boats tooting their horn. One such tour was in late July.