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Where the Boys Aren't, The Washington Post April 2001

April, 2001

On a women-only kayaking trip in Baja, it's easy to shed your inhibitions. And your clothes. By Victoria McKernan Special to The Washington Post April 29, 2001 view from tent door It is a rare and wonderful thing to be in the middle of nowhere in a very small boat, to have no destination but the island ahead, no agenda but joy. When I rested my paddle across the cockpit of my kayak and looked over the side, I saw fish grazing on rocks through the clear water. Frigate birds sliced the sky above, sharp black silhouettes, all angles and attitude like bad boys at the prom. A string of pelicans soared low over the water, rising and falling in unison over invisible currents. There was no sight or sound of civilization anywhere.

Go Sea Kayaking in Style, Westcoast Backpackers News Sept. 2000

September, 2000

By Lucas Aykroyd - Special to Westcoast Backpackers News September 2000 Sea Kayak Adventures has recently begun offering six-day tours of Queen Charlotte Strait, the lesser-known neighbor of Johnstone Strait, which features the world's highest concentration of killer whales. It's a chance to experience the British Columbia wilds without other groups of affluent tourist waving to you and local fishing boats tooting their horn. One such tour was in late July.

Paddling Among Porpoises, Out Bound Travel Sept. 2000

September, 2000

By Tan Chung Lee - OutBound Travel Magazine September 2000 A pristine wilderness of cactus gardens, fossilized islands and a marine environment where whale, dolphins and sea birds call home - that's the Sea of Cortez. The best way to explore all this is to get close to the water - by kayaking- and enjoying good old-fashioned exercise to boot.