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gray whale tour in baja

Become One With the Whales on This Epic Baja Whale Watching Trip

Travel Age West December, 2020

"Each winter, thousands of eastern North Pacific gray whales migrate more than 5,000 miles from Alaska’s Bering Sea to three protected Baja lagoons to give birth or mate from mid-January through mid-March. Nowhere else in the world do inquisitive mothers and calves approach skiffs and allow delighted humans to pet them."

-Theresa Storm

guests on tour in baja

Explore Mexico On A Baja Bubble Journey This Winter

Forbes November, 2020

Forbes writer Everett Potter provides an overview of Sea Kayak Adventurs new Bubble Journey series, providing private escapes to Baja, Mexico. As well, this piece highlights the airlines bet on Baja as a winter travel getaway in 2020. 

Most Picturesque Destination For November

Where Can I Fly? October, 2020

"Baja, California is a place I love and visit every fall and winter because of miles upon miles of empty beaches, rugged desert islands, towering mountain ranges and the transparent blue waters of the Gulf of California. in November the sea is still warm from the summer's sun and hurricane season is over, so the weather is usually perfect. It's easy to get to Baja with flights to Cabo, La Paz and Loreto." - Peter Grubb

Whale breeding grounds thrill visitors at Baja’s Magdalena Bay

San Diego Tribune April, 2020

"In less than half an hour from the harbor, we spot our first whales spouting maybe 50 yards away. Our main guide, Mario Escalera, who has a master’s degree in marine biology and knows these whales intimately, advises us that our boat will stay far enough from the whales to avoid stressing them, but it will be OK if whales approach us on their own. Several of us have heard stories and seen videos about whales coming so close to boats that the passengers can touch them, and we’re hoping to experience that phenomenon, too." - Doug Hansen

This Eco-Ranch in Baja Is an Adventure Oasis

Outside Online March, 2020

"No trip to Baja is complete without time on the water. Since Rancho Cacachilas has no coastline access, it partners with local sustainability-minded companies like Sea Kayak Adventures to offer guests kayaking and whale-watching outings." - Outside Online

Where to go on spring break, whether you’re traveling with family, friends or your favorite plus one

Chicago Tribune February, 2020

"head to Mexico’s Baja Peninsula to explore the Sea of Cortez by land and water. Rancho Cacachilas, a nearly 35,000-acre solar-powered ranch with 37 miles of hiking and biking trails, has partnered with Sea Kayak Adventures to offer an eight-day trip. Half of it is spent kayaking from Isla Espiritu Santo, where guests will glamp — or camp in fully furnished tents — between excursions to view whales and sea lions (from $2,040 per person)." - Elaine Glusac 

turquoise waters around Isla Espiritu Santo

A Review of Isla Espiritu Santo in Baja Mexico

The Los Angeles Times February, 2020

ISLA ESPÍRITU SANTO, Mexico —  I’d just snorkeled into a sea cave. Before I could see much of anything, a sea lion pup burst in front of me and nuzzled my hand with a whiskered snout. It tickled. Then came another pup, and another, all eager to play. - Christopher Reynolds

sea kayaks in the sea of cortez near LaPaz

The Ultimate Baja, Mexico Travel Guide

Outside Magazine January, 2020

"Sea Kayak Adventures offers one-to-ten-day journeys from La Paz up to Loreto and over to the Pacific Ocean’s Magdalena Bay. Trips include everything from kayaking to whale-watching to hiking." - Stephanie Pearson